Cheshire Optical was formed in 1994 with the goal of becoming the most service-oriented optical filter company in the industry.  Our staff offers the knowledge and experience gained from many years of service to manufacturers and scientists who depend critically on filter performance.  We are attuned to the pressing needs of our customers, and motivated to maintain a rapid response ethic.  Over our first decade of growth, customers have come to rely on us for on-time deliveries, swift responses to inquiries, and cooperative engineering assistance. 


Our commitment to service means we stock our catalog parts for express delivery.  In order to supply a wide variety of filters for instrument manufacturers, we have created an impressive inventory of Standard Line parts that we also make available to small-quantity users.  These top quality filters are manufactured in high volume, placed in inventory, and are ready to ship directly upon order.   No other manufacturer can offer such consistent access to as complete a selection of filters.  Shipping is usually available within 24 hours of the time you place a Standard Line order, making our product a truly outstanding value. 


In addition to carrying a full inventory of the items represented in our catalog, Cheshire Optical satisfies many custom design needs. Our engineers work in partnership with customers to meet the requirements of unusual applications. 


All of us at Cheshire Optical share a commitment to complete customer satisfaction.  We invite you to contact us and experience the benefit and the commitment of a true partnership supplier . 

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